We practice law, but we're more than just lawyers;
we're your trusted advisors.

Our eyes are always on your legal matters, so yours can remain fixed on your business.

At Dipchand LLP, we are committed to building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and their advisors. We offer practical and strategic counsel to navigate our clients’ ventures through the ever-changing legal landscape.

Our value as trusted advisors is measured by the unparalleled calibre of our legal advice and quality of service. We have earned a rock-solid reputation over years of dependable service, which we constantly strive to maintain. If intellectual capital forms the cornerstone of your business, we are the legal partners you need.

Professional Excellence

Our lawyers work hard to maintain their reputation for professionalism and integrity with every client, in every matter and with each person working on both sides of the table. Our commitment, authenticity and character reflect brilliantly on your business.

Trust & Integrity

We believe that trust can only be earned. As tenacious and steadfast legal partners, we provide your business with dependable and unvarnished advice. Our long-term commitment to our client’s growth and success ultimately results in lasting loyalty. We are so grateful to be partners in our clients’ prosperity.

Ingenuity & Inventiveness

Where others can only see problems, we find clever solutions. Our strategic approach leverages inventive solutions that transform obstacles and challenges into opportunities. Every step of the way, we use sound legal strategies to support our clients’ business goals.

Fun & Happiness

Happiness & fun breeds creativity, nurtures productivity, and drives success. We love what we do; this passion is the foundation of our stellar client service. We foster happiness in our business by celebrating our clients’ and team members’ success, no matter the size.

Meet The Team

Elizabeth S. Dipchand
Elizabeth S. Dipchand

Partner, Trademark Agent

Gregory M. Prekupec


May M. Cheng
May M. Cheng


Jennifer Ko
Jennifer Ko

Partner, Trademark Agent

Ghazal Hamedani Corporate Lawyer Dipchand LLP
Ghazal Hamedani


Zach Nickels Intellectual Property Lawyer Toronto
Zach Nickels


Avram Musafija


Prerena Gaur Intellectual Property Lawyer Toronto
Prerana Gaur


Riley Sun, Intellectual Property Associate
Riley Sun


Julie Parna
Julie Parna

Legal Assistant

Mercedes Simon

Articling Student

Natalia Graham Dipchand LLP
Natalia Graham

Operations Manager 

Emma Thornley

Operations Coordinator

Mohammed Shahball

Financial Coordinator

Matt Huddleston
Matt Huddleston

Marketing Associate

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As part of Dipchand LLP, you will experience stimulating and meaningful work in a dynamic environment, collaborating to provide clients with innovative and effective legal solutions.

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